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Elefsina Refinery – Natural Gas Pressure Regulating Package 86-PK-002

Oil & gas

Elefsina Refinery – Natural Gas Pressure Regulating Package 86-PK-002

CATEGORY: Oil & gas


BUDGET: Confidential

LOCATION: Elefsina, Greece

The project included the design, planning and construction of a natural gas pressure regulating station required to feed Fuel Gas System of unit U-81 in Elefsis Refinery. This station specifically operates with Sulphur Recovery Unit (U-33) during start-up and with Flexi Coker Unit (U-32) for instrument purging. The station heats the natural gas taken from DESFA network and reduces its pressure at 9.5 kg/cm2g in order to meet the requirements of the above mentioned units.

The station is consisted of the following equipment:

  1. Heat Exchanger 86-E-001: BEU-Vertical (Natural Gas – Hot Water) Heat Duty = 500.000 kcal/hr
  2. Heat Exchanger 86-E-002: BEU-Vertical (L.P. Steam – Hot Water) Heat Duty = 480.000 kcal/hr
  3. Expansion Vessel 86-V-001: Hot Water – Nitrogen
  4. Hot Water Pumps 86-P-001 A/B: Sulzer Construction
  5. Pressure Regulator : Natural Gas 86 – PCV -001 8” X 2 ½” – 600#
  6. All other parts (valves, PSV, etc)