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Thriasio Wastewater Treatment Plant

Ptolemais, Greece


Thriasio Wastewater Treatment Plant

CATEGORY: Environmental

CUSTOMER: EYDAP (Water Utility Company)

BUDGET: 35.000.000€

LOCATION: Thriasio, Greece

Thriasio Pedio and its surrounding marine environment have been for many years one of the most environmentally burdened zones in Attica area. EYDAP S.A has undertaken the construction and operation of the project ‘’Main Wastewater Treatment plant in Thriasio Pedio’’, which includes the construction of a sewerage network and Wastewater Treatment Plant, in the sensitive area of Thriasio.
The project was co-funded at 45% by the Cohesion Fund, 15% by national funds and 40% by EYDAP S.A.
ERGOTEM S.A, being member of a local JV scheme, executed the job providing all civil works, process equipment, piping, steel structures and all other materials as well as Testing, Commissioning and Putting into Operation