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Improvement of Fuel Facilities at the Airport of Elefsina


Improvement of Fuel Facilities at the Airport of Elefsina



BUDGET: 5.400.000 €

LOCATION: Elefsina, Greece

ERGOTEM S.A undertook the improvement of Fuel Facilities at Elefsina Airport, including:

  • Construction of a ~11,000 meters underground insulated steel fuel pipeline connecting the HELPE refinery in Aspropyrgos to the Airport of Elefsina.
  • Construction of new fuel facilities within the Elefsina Airport which includes 4 fuel tanks, a fuel pump-filter station with two cranes and all relevant equipment (pumps, filter separators, hydraulic control valves, etc.), aircraft filling system on the parking floor (HYDRANTS) and Tank Truck filling positions (bottom loading) with pantograph system.
  • Construction – within HELPE – of an outdoor pumping station and a fuel flow measurement system.
  • Construction of a cathodic protection system for underground pipelines.
  • Road construction works and fencing of the premises.